Recent iHi-Fi Site Updates

the new HD6 rivals systems costing far more and can be set up to play stellar music from any source, analog or digital. Use the built-in bluetooth aptX to get best connection convenience or dedicated wi-fi for the ultimate musical realism. another best buy.

the new HD6 rivals systems costing far more and can be set up to play stellar music from any source, analog or digital. Use the built-in bluetooth aptX to get best connection convenience or dedicated wi-fi for the ultimate musical realism. another best buy.

A few useful and valuable changes have just been applied to the iHi-Fi website. This post is to note them and sum them up for you.

Navigation Bar

The navigation buttons have been reordered to a more logical progression from left to right. 

The navigation bar is less cluttered, with fewer and shorter names, and it's easier to read with larger type.

The jump into the Audioengine catalog from the related button is now direct and the former intermediate page has been retired.

Computer Audio Buyers' Guide 

The Buyers Guide has received a major update. 

The master pricing table now includes all the newer and updated components and the latest cost numbers. It's even more useful than before to help visualize value for costs from feature to feature and component to component.

This content has been rewritten and expanded to become even more useful to visitors seeking advice on how to set up a great audio system and get the most value for their spend using Audioengine components and accessories. 

There is new focus on configuring a computer audio system to work with any source device (analog or digital) and to enable an easy selection of either best wirelessly connected convenience (through Bluetooth aptX) or best wirelessly connected musical performance (through dedicated Wi-Fi.)


A second section to the Buyers' Guide is in the works to provide several suggested configurations with specific purposes in mind, such as best-performing, least-cost, and specific usage systems.  

Sections on acoustic room conditioning and anti-vibration are to be added. For now, please know that the benefits of both of these music-supporting technologies are quite valuable for delivering significantly enhanced listening experiences. 

Anti-vibration using the suggested polymeric dampers is so inexpensive and so powerful that it's basically a no-brainer to include it in any audio system. 

The Basic Setup of ASI resonators is as affordable as an inexpensive audio component and makes a very significant improvement in the music from any room audio system.

Please enjoy checking out the new stuff and let me know how you like the new look and added content.

The music we love is the sound track for our lives.  Make it the best it can be.

Live Long and Prosper,

Joseph Riden

Print & Epub iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide

Since first publication on Amazon Kindle, the iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide has achieved highly-regarded status with a 4.5-star review average and many positive comments from readers.  The book sells steadily worldwide and reaches the top of the bestseller lists, at times, in its Kindle categories.  What follows is the latest news about the Guide's publication and distribution.

Paperback Edition NowAvailable

Good news for those who want a paperback version of iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide. I just released the proof for distribution through Ingram Content Group, the world's largest book distribution company.

Get your copy now directly through iHi-Fi with FREE shipping in the 48 original US states and no tax is collected.  Just go to the new iHi-Fi Book Page to order yours now.  Delivery takes about a week to 10 days.  This is the lowest total price that can be offered legally anywhere online.

The paperback is also up on already. You should be able to order it through any major book chain or local bookseller worldwide.  Order the paperback through your favorite source using this ISBN: 978-0-692-55245-2.

E-pub Edition Now Available

Search online by ISBN to find a print book or E-pub version for on-screen reading with a free app for your device.

More good news if you prefer an E-pub electronic version (rather than Kindle) that you can read onscreen with just about any device.  That edition has also been made available through Ingram's distribution.  You can get the E-pub version right now.  It released through online e-book websites for immediate download, starting about 2 weeks ago.  Search online using this ISBN: 978-0-9969311-1-3 to find websites that offer it. Note well: the ISBNs for the Paperback and E-pub editions are different numbers.

Both the paper book and e-pub edition are full color and contain all the same content as the updated Kindle Edition that is currently available in the Kindle Store on  

Kindle Version Updated

If you bought the Kindle book before about November 15, 2015, you can get your Kindle copy updated to reflect the changes by going to your Kindle settings on and selecting the ". . ." button and then "Deliver."  The currently available kindle version is with greatly improved format and illustrations.  The update is free if you bought the older Kindle version.  The new Kindle edition should not over-write the older one in your reader but if you have entered notes and bookmarks that you want to assure are saved, please copy them out before updating.

Thanks so much for reading my book.  Enjoy your upgraded music.

-- Joseph Riden