Ordering Acoustic System

Audition Period and Satisfaction Guarantee


With Acoustic System products from iHi-Fi, you get a 30-day audition and money-back satisfaction guarantee.  Set up The Basic Installation in your listening room.  Listen to familiar music and experience the effects of making adjustments. Hear what happens with familiar music you like in your listening environment.  After you become accustomed to the sound, allowing about a week, remove The Basic Installation completely from the room, then listen to the same music again.  This exercise will prove Your Acoustic System installation is worth far more than the cost.  

This Basic Installation of ASI components will kill echo, reduce sonic turbulence in the room, normalize bass phase to the room size, clarify and enhance musical timbres, enable you to adjust bass and treble extension, and generally help your music sound more like the original performance that was recorded. This is the fundamental installation to begin with for room correction through acoustic means. We have delivered hundreds of these Basic Installations to highly satisfied customers. See the previous pages about ASI to learn how you can progress through more advanced stages of correction after this one. Since the inception of ASI about 14 years ago, over 20,000 units have been delivered. Everything you need to install what you order is included.

Please be sure you have installed The System as advised in the steps prescribed  in the instructions so it can works as-designed.   If you can not hear The System perform to your complete satisfaction, just call iHi-Fi within 30 days to get an RMA number.  Then return your purchase in as-new condition (with all the packaging and included materials) for a full refund of your purchase price.  We pay outbound shipping and customers pay  if there is a return .

Installation, Support, and Consultation

Basic installation cost is 880 Euros retail. You pay USD equivalent of 660 euros. Includes items above. rate converter below is for your convenience, accuracy not guaranteed. 

Basic installation cost is 880 Euros retail. You pay USD equivalent of 660 euros. Includes items above. rate converter below is for your convenience, accuracy not guaranteed. 

I'm right here to help you -- Joseph Riden.

iHi-Fi has your back to assure your success.  When you purchase Acoustic System, instructions and free email-based setup support are included.  Standard installation is simple, easy, and failure-proof.  Basic Installation (the Basic Resonator Set and Phase Corrector Set) is usually completed in an hour or less.  You set the components’ initial position and orientation according to simple instructions.  You should  hear improvement immediately that increases over 48 hours during run-in.  

Most questions are resolved via email.  Additional concerns do not usually arise.  Calls are welcome if you should need more help.  Paid phone consultation is also available if you need complex fault analysis, on-site help, or correction for unusual or difficult situations in acoustically complex spaces.

The cost for the Basic Installation is in the same range as a typical mid-fi stereo component. Yet The System enables a mid-fi stereo to sound far better even in a troubled room that would make a high-end system sound like mid-fi.

Then adding a Sugar Cube set is very inexpensive compared to audio gear.  Basically, a Sugar Cube Set, in standard installation on the Back Wall, creates an acoustic graphic equalizer that will tailor the sound of your room to preferences. Read about Sugar Cubes and how they are used HERE.


Acoustic System products are manufactured in France and priced in Euros but we assume you will purchase from iHi-Fi in US Dollars at the current exchange rate. When you are ready to audition Acoustic System, or add to an existing Acoustic System installation, please fill out and submit the Request for ASI Quotation form below.  Then iHi-Fi will send you an invoice in USD that is good for 48 hours. To purchase that product, pay the invoice in USD. We will ship your product within 2 business days, directly from the Paris warehouse, to the US address that you specify on the Invoice. It usually arrives in 7 working days anywhere in the USA.

iHi-Fi does not charge for outbound shipping or collect sales tax. Please note: iHi-Fi sells in the lower 48 United States only. 

To get advice on what you need or to ask questions, use the Request for ASI Quotation form below.

OR, when you're ready to order, complete your Order Form below.


Your personal information is safe and secure with iHi-Fi.  We will never reveal any of your information to anyone unless ordered by lawful authority.  We will not use your submitted data to market to you.  Relax and shop with confidence.

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Order Acoustic System Items

Choose the items you wish to purchase on the Acoustic System Details page and click to add your desired items below.  If you don't have pricing yet, please request it with the form above.  Fill out all the details and submit the form.  

Based on the info you submit, iHi-Fi will send you an Invoice via email.  Just pay the Invoice with a credit or debit card or an e-check to receive your order.  You do not have to sign up for PayPal to pay this invoice.

We submit your order form to the warehouse for fulfillment as soon as your payment clears, usually the next business day.  Everything is always in stock.  It normally takes about a week to receive your goods from France.

If you decide not to purchase exactly what is quoted, please cancel the Invoice and we will automatically be notified.

If you decide to change your order, just cancel the Invoice via email to iHi-Fi and come back to this page and submit the form with your changes and the process will be repeated with a new Invoice reflecting your changes.

Acoustic System Order

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Scroll down and select the items you wish to include. An Invoice will be emailed to you showing your items. Pay that invoice to receive delivery. Enter any question or comments in this box --
See the Acoustic System Details Page for options. Start with the Basic Set -- Steps 1 and 2 and a Phase Corrector set..
Note: The Basic Resonator Set always includes one Basic Alloy Resonator. You'll select only the second Resonator. The remaining Steps have one Alloy each.
3. Add the Sugar Cubes Noise Filter (Option)
The Sugar Cubes noise filter can be installed at any point in your Installation Steps progression.