Teleconference Consultations

I've decided to offer international video teleconferences to help listeners sort out what they want to buy.  If that's you, interested in acquiring Computer Audio but not sure what to get, please use the Contact Page to connect via email.  We can then make an appointment to chat about your needs and wants and find a way to meet them. Skype is free and quite capable.  Let's take advantage of it.  Don't be concerned about sales pressure.  I'm terrible at sales, I just love music and I dig Computer Audio.  I'll show you the best path for you to reach to listening fulfillment.  If you want to go there, the rest is up to you.



Working away on adding products for Audioengine Dealership.  

At this rate I should finish in half the time planned.  The goal is to complete and release by May 9th, my birthday.  

-- Joseph


Just Became an Audioengine Authorized Online Reseller

I’m delighted to announce that iHi-Fi was approved as an Authorized Online reseller for the full Audioengine product line yesterday, April 9, 2013.  Work on the e-commerce implementation and catalog has begun.  A target date for the opening of the online store has been set – May 9, 2013.  Audioengine is devoted to audiophile-quality sound, easy-to-use products at affordable prices.  Their products, posture, niche, and philosophy are a perfect match for iHi-Fi’s approach to delivering the high-end audio experience.  Expect great things.

-- Joseph

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Just Became a DreamStreaming Resident blogger

DreamStreaming (D/S) is your resource for finding online streaming websites and related news and views.  Here you can read my posts and others.  Find digital music sources around the world, then stream, download, or hear web radio.  It's all there, including access to loads of HD and many studio masters.

My first post should be appearing there shortly.

More soon on the iHi-Fi Blog. . .      

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