The iHi-Fi Manifesto

Music is emotion sonically encoded as audible art.  It follows that musical works enrich our lives best when both recording and playback are faithful to original performance.  Then the art stays “original” even in music distribution.  We call this high fidelity or hi-fi for short.

Fortunately, in this Golden Age of Audio, more and better hi-fi music is available at lower costs to more listeners than ever before because this is also the Information Age.  Digital technologies are taking over music recording and distribution generally, and high-end audio in particular.  The inevitable transition to digital music is two edged – both wonderful and problematic at once.  Listeners make their music more wonderful and less problematic by their choices.

Cost optimization of hi-fi does the most good for the greatest number of listeners.  Digital file-sourced stereo playback can sound as close to the original performance as possible at far more reasonable costs than purely analog sources.  iHi-Fi is all about using digital technologies in combination with analog to achieve both high fidelity and high value at once, together. This creates sonic excellence while reconciling some polar extremes.  This makes more and better music available to you, the listener.  


iHi-Fi helps you know what's musically possible and helps you acquire hi-fi excellence in your everyday environment at modest costs, whatever your musical tastes.  Digital music coupled with other developments, like acoustic room conditioning, enable extreme playback accuracy and vivid realism.  With a good system and the right approach, you can enjoy the high end listening experience daily for less cost than ever before.

The old audiophile business model has historically used snob appeal and overdesign to create elite products and drive prices through the roof so low volumes generate high profits.  iHi-Fi wants to bring hi-fi music to everyone who wants to experience stellar musical listening.  Stereos are not for creating prestige.  They are for re-experiencing the performers’ and composers’ original works and hearing the full richness and emotion of their musical statements.

High end has historically meant high cost.  iHi-Fi is redefining the words “high end” to be all about musical listening quality rather than about bloated prices for overbuilt or hyper-exotic stereo gear and social competition.  There is much to be lost by pursuing supposed musical perfection beyond sensible practicality.  

 Much can be gained by pegging system costs to the point of diminishing returns.  Technology bloat for it’s own sake is meaningless unless you profit from it.  After all, the perfect, ideal system would sound just like original performances yet there would be nothing to clutter your environment.  Until this invisible sci-fi hi-fi becomes reality we can settle for less-is-more.

iHi-fi seeks out and features physically smaller, better designed, more efficient, yet sufficiently powerful systems that use up less living space.  They have fewer components and wires and a lower visual profile.  They integrate easily with your digital devices and décor.  They consume less power and enjoy higher spouse acceptance.  They rely on digital source files rather than bulky, costly, and obsolete physical media and players.  

And yes, you can still play your beloved vinyl LPs or SACDs or any legacy media you feel attached to.  In fact, we actually make them all sound even better.  And yes, you can use the computer you have if it’s not too obsolete.

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It just doesn’t take five or more cubic yards of heavy hardware and media storage any more to make wonderful music in even a larger room.  A smaller, lighter stereo can still be a strong performer without dominating your space.  A couple living in an Airstream or yacht can enjoy a full-on audiophile rig.  A family living in a spacious home can enjoy multiple audio zones and a concert hall experience without excess trappings. Digital approaches make less become more.

The majority of recordings are made digitally now with greater fidelity than ever.  Why process music to encode it on media if you can just play the distribution files directly?  Digital music loses nothing in translation to sound when you pay attention to a few crucial details.  iHi-Fi is here to help you get it right and be your supplier.

We offer you free consulting through expert content publication on the iHi-Fi blog, personalized help with gear selection, systems and listening room optimization, and auditions in your home with a 30-day return policy.  We seek out and make available proven and practical, high fidelity / high value systems that deliver music listening to die for but they don’t kill your interest with excessive prices. 

We offer carefully selected and tested gear or fully integrated systems, room acoustic treatments, and supporting products and services.  We operate through an exclusively online process so you don’t even need to go to a store.  You can shop from the very room where your dream stereo system will be installed then set it up there and try it out without risk.

You’re invited to enjoy our expert, yet understandable blog, view systems and gear we currently offer, and shop our stores.  I am iHi-Fi’s owner, Joseph Riden, a long-time, avid audiophile, career design engineer and industrial designer.  I personally run this business.  Please contact me with your special concerns or suggestions, or to obtain pricing on listening room acoustic treatments.  Got a blog topic you're burning to read about?  Or a question you’d love to have answered?  Please send it in.  I'm always looking for good input.  Contact forms are provided on the website. (

Enjoy your digital music!

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