Audioengine D2 24-bit Wireless DAC Reviews

Positive Feedback - D2 Award: Writers' Choice Awards for 2012

D2 is included in the 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2012 - The Best of the Best! 

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Tone Audio - D2 Review

"The Audioengine D2 DAC offers convenience and high performance in a compact package that is reasonably priced. Computer audiophiles take note." 

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Dagogo - D2 Review

"Regardless of source quality, I haven’t heard a quieter or lower distortion USB DAC." 

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AudioStream - D2 Review

"The wireless aspect of the D2 really isn't an issue and that's really good news."

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Enjoy the Music - D2 Review

"The plug-and-play Audioengine D2 is fun to use, is super reliable, is affordable, and sounds great."

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Computer Audiophile - D2 Review

"The Audioengine D2 is the wireless interface I prefer over all others for its sound quality, convenience, and software independence."

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Positive Feedback - D2 Review

"Audioengine has delivered yet another excellent audio product at a very competitive price."

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Ken Rockwell - D2 Performance Testing

"At any price, the Audioengine D2 is a great DAC. The D2 tests almost as well as if it's a piece of laboratory equipment."

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Soundstage - D2 Review

"The fact that it’s so affordably priced makes this game-changing DAC all that much easier to buy."

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Audiophilia - D2 Review

"Many inexpensive digital devices sound effective out of the box, but fatigue after a marriage. Not the D2s. Buy with utmost confidence."

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AudioHead - D2 Review

"For the individual who likes simplicity, this product has an edge over server-based streaming options."

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