Originals Audio Furniture Designs By iHi-Fi

Covet Them For Their Looks . . .
                          Love Them For Their Sound

Do you appreciate audio that sounds very much like original performances?  Our audio furniture adds stellar styling to your listening ambience, as it shows off your taste in electronics, while enabling peak experiences of audio and video. We create iHi-Fi's Acoustic Response Originals in response to crowdsource fans to help you fully savor the best returns from your audio investment.

At iHi-Fi, we design and build timeless fine furniture for music lovers.  Extensive options enable you to easily personalize any standard design to match your preferences.  Our collections include Audio Racks, Consoles, Platforms, Speaker Stands, and Entertainment Centers.  All our Originals designs are continually available.  A few Special Editions are soul mates for specific models of advanced audio gear.  Some pieces may be available from stock, pre-built from time to time. 

The iHi-Fi Masiv Audio Rack with fascias option and matching custom Masiv Speaker Stands

If you choose to customize a piece and have it built-to-order, then our team of metal smiths and master furniture makers get right to work.  Under our watchful eyes, our team makes your pieces just as you want them.  We keep you posted on progress. When your build is complete, you'll enjoy owning a visual and acoustic marvel that you helped create.

Originals display your audio system handsomely as they also achieve a higher purpose.  This Acoustic Response furniture supports the very best music any audio components and speakers can possibly produce, no matter what technologies or features your system includes. Even if you believe your audio system is reaching peak performance, the beauty and versatility of iHi-Fi Originals are reason enough to covet them.  Perhaps you might hear a pleasant surprise.

What's great for music is also good for video.  Originals technology also helps your flat screen TV render a sharper, clearer picture with more vibrant and realistic colors. 

You may think, "How could mere furniture make music and video better?"  The short answer is, "We build-in several beneficial technologies."

Acoustic Response Technologies

Ordinary audio furniture is simply styled for the masses at a given price point.  We style the Originals remarkably as we engineer each design to improve both sound and picture and last through the ages. 

If you have an eye for finely-built furnishings, the Originals' visual impact speaks for itself.  Yet these pieces are so much more than eye candy.  Do you have an ear for music, some great recordings, and a high-fidelity audio system?  Then you may hear your music sound more like live performances than ever before, when you simply move your audio gear to Originals furniture.  The improvement depends on how much your audio was being compromised, pre-Acoustic Response.

Our performance technologies include --

•    Mass grounding 
•    Select, premium materials
•    Resonance suppression
•    Polymeric anti-vibration damping

The Masiv speaker stand design typifies elegance customizable to match your audio system

Originals Amplify Your Listening Pleasure

We don't feel satisfied with a new design until we craft handsome looks and engineer significant performance enhancement.  We crowdsource cream-of-the-crop features to assure we're harvesting the best design solutions from audio lovers.  The following built-in features improve your sound and picture.  You get all these benefits when you wisely select any iHi-Fi Originals design.

~  Mass Grounding -- Ironically, mass-market designs uniformly lack sufficient mass.  Your music suffers when your sensitive electronic components shake, even imperceptibly. Testing proves quality components sound audibly better the more still they remain. We build heavily enough to provide your audio gear inertia to stay firmly anchored all through the storms of vibration it weathers.

Your speakers, in particular, simply generate sound more accurately when moored to a solid base. If speakers have firm ground to push and pull against,  then their mechanical sound transducers more accurately track the amplified recordings' power waveforms, because less sonic information is corrupted or lost due to extra motion.

~  Select Premium Materials -- We build with the right materials to work best for audio and video --

•  Some wood species naturally sound better than most others.  Do you put audio performance first?  Choose from our many beautiful woods to achieve your desired look and better sound simply comes with that.  Our standard construction uses the best-sounding audio wood of all, Birch multi-ply.  For great looks along with peak audio, select Birch-cored construction, then choose outer laminations of your favorite hardwood.  The cross-laminated core is brutally strong and dimensionally stable.  The exposed edge detail displays a trending architectural feature. This material sounds as beautiful as it looks.

•  We offer traditionalists and purists solid wood -- end-blocked, plank, or butcher block construction with that deep, luscious luster of a fine finish on face grain. To make your Originals selection resemble furniture you already have, select your favored species from at least a dozen of the most popular fine-furniture hardwoods. You won't lose much because you still have our other features working for better sound. Wood being a work of nature, expect "matches" to look compatible but not exact.

•  Our acoustic dampers are made from proven silicone polymer formulations, molecular-engineered specifically to suppress vibration efficiently and economically.  These dampers are not especially weight-sensitive.  They are much easier to implement and adjust, more effective, more compact, and virtually invisible, compared to clunky audio spikes or two-dimensional roller blocks.

•  Our silicones are stable. This avoids issues with vinyl-based material, like oozing, staining and weight limits. We hide our dampers inside the furniture's structures but if you look, you can find them.  They do not introduce rogue resonances as rubbery products do. 

•  We build with extruded frame stock made of tempered aluminum alloy (6105-T5).  The artfully revealed metal finish resembles an Apple laptop or a Halliburton briefcase.  Our frames are about as strong as steel but easier to fabricate.  They are rigid, yet hollow -- ready to be filled with loose, granular ballast.

•  We use only the highest quality fittings, stainless hex socket cap screws, and plated, tempered steel machine nuts.

~ Resonance Suppression -- You hear better music if your audio furniture doesn’t “sing along." So we avoid designing-in resonant spaces.  When enclosing space is unavoidable, we fill hollows with materials that prevent rogue resonance.

~ Vibration Damping -- Our proven, polymer-based anti-vibration technology counteracts losses from stray vibration that would mechanically interact with your music's analog waveforms as they are amplified and drive your speakers.  Damping sustains the transduced physical impulses in the shape that more faithfully represents the original recording that generates them.  Hence, better music.

We decouple the entire furniture piece from the floor.  Also, each shelf is isolated from the frame.  This arrangement cuts off structure-borne stray energy flowing between components or coming in from other sources.  Then you enjoy clearer, more authentic-sounding music and sharper video with more natural colors.

The iHi-Fi IsoVybra Audio Rack with Wood Base and matching custom Speaker Stands

Expect Brilliant Results 

Originals technology does not alter your sound or picture.  A veil of interfering rogue energy is simply subtracted. The restored realism transcends ordinary playback as your electronic systems finally achieve all they were meant to do, in the best renditions of recorded performances you’ll enjoy from them.

Results vary, depending on how much your music was compromised and how well listeners hear and see details.  Even untrained listeners sense new things in familiar recordings -- greater detail, better clarity, smoothness, and realism, and richer, better-defined highs, midrange and bass.  What’s good for audio also helps video sharpness and color rendering.

Audio enthusiasts with virtuoso listening skills may perceive a breathtaking elevation of music quality.  Every attribute music aficionados consider meaningful typically improves when fatiguing "audio grunge" is mechanically deleted -- from soundstage, to instrument timbres, to musical speed and accuracy, detail, spatial placement, and presence.  

No electronics are used.  Originals Acoustic Response designs include no boxes or wires.  The magic is built into the furniture, through and through.

The "nude" IsoVybra Audio Rack demonstrates a more technical or Industrial styling achievable sans optional wood trim.

We confidently predict --

•  You'll feel proud to display your audio and A/V systems on gorgeous furnishings of the Originals caliber.

•  You’ll appreciate the premium hardwood-and-metal look, fine furniture finishes, and master craftsmanship that emphasizes any wood’s organic beauty and individual character.

•  You’ll feel astounded and delighted to finally hear how good the system you already have can sound once even subtle rogue resonance and intangible stray vibration are removed to restore musical integrity. 

•  When listening analytically, you’ll sense an enrichment every audio lover yearns for -- music that sounds more faithful to original performances. When you move your gear onto Originals, we suggest two comparisons of your room's sound against high-quality headphone listening.  Use the same music in both trials -- one trial with your old setup and one after setup on your new furniture.  This should help you perceive what is being accomplished.

•    Your new sound will transcend listening fatigue.  You'll be able to listen longer and more often.

•    The better your sound system's quality, the more you'll feast your senses on fabulous music.  You will never again be satisfied with commonplace audio furnishings once you experience your audio and video gear looking fabulous and acting properly decoupled on Originals furniture.  

•    Your friends will be impressed.  If you owned a pyramid, Originals designs would belong inside it one day.  Timelessly styled, and engineered per the laws of sound physics, they never go out of style or become obsolete.  These are heirlooms, the pieces your children will squabble over most.
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