Improved Contacts Sound Better

  DeoxIT® Gold G100L Brush Applicator, 100% solution, 7.4 mL  


DeoxIT® Gold G100L Brush Applicator, 100% solution, 7.4 mL


Here we go again -- another simple and cheap improvement that makes all your music sound better, possibly way better, no matter how humble or grandiose your audio gear may be.  I was listening to some piano stylings by Fabrizio Paterlini when I heard this little crackle happening in the higher, softer passages.  What a spoiler when I wanted nothing to intrude on the experience.

I ordered what proves to be a new secret weapon in the war on audio grunge.  I was rearranging my listening room anyway, which meant pulling my system apart. So while I was re-connecting all the wires, I applied this contact enhancer fluid from an established producer who has a great reputation for results.  I felt skeptical but hopeful that it would chase the crackles away.

I brushed a thin film of this golden fluid, which very mildly smells a like an oil of some kind, onto each and every signal and power connection during the re-setup -- digital, analog, DC, AC, every connector contact.  The instructions assured me this product can be used on any and every kind of electrical power or electronic signal connector, emphasizing that it is OK on circuit boards and plastics.

At this moment, I’m replaying the same Paterlini music that had broken up subtly before.  Now it’s crystal clear.  No crackles! Revenge is mine.  However, that’s not the end of this happy-ending story.  I’m going through a lot of different kinds of music now and -- oh, wow.  This is one of those little wonders that suddenly makes everything better.  

And I do mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  Musical timbres, speed, articulation, soundstage, clarity . . . everything I listen for is improved again and not just slightly.  I was dissatisfied with some soft highs in very subtle piano solo passages and the payoff for fixing the little crackles also helps 60’s rock and roll, electronic works, solo guitar. . . The works.

Not long ago, I started listening to Hang artists like Danny Cudd, David Charrier, and Dante Bucci.  What an interesting new instrument they play.  It's kind of a scaled-down, reworked, lap-sized Steel Drum.  It looks like an upside-down wok with dimples in it.  Or maybe a UFO.  It has a most interesting and complex set of timbres.  It blends well with other percussion.  I’m now hearing additional timbral qualities and signature timbral components that have been enabled by the improved signal path all the way through the system from sources to speakers. I'm almost ready to put some of this fluid in my ears.  But no, not quite.

Front row: Ghatam (right) and the first idea of the Hang from November 1999 (left); second row: first generation Hang built 2005 (right), second generation Hang built 2006 (middle), second generation Hang built 2007 (left) Michael Paschko

Front row: Ghatam (right) and the first idea of the Hang from November 1999 (left); second row: first generation Hang built 2005 (right), second generation Hang built 2006 (middle), second generation Hang built 2007 (left)

Michael Paschko

Sometimes an improvement sounds like more music is getting out of a system.  Like with a amp power increase.  What I’m hearing now may be the result of getting more into the system on the low-voltage front end, which is especially susceptible to restive connector contacts.  I think more music is getting through the system as well.  Bass also sounds faster and more crisp and lively than ever before.  Percussion and symbols sound holographic now.

Adam Hurst, the renowned concert cellist, has become a legend by working the cello’s timbral nuances in his expressions, producing some of the most emotional music I’ve found.  Now I hear more depth and breadth of expression than ever before in Hurst's Elegy, with every part of every note cleanly sounded no matter how he tortures his cello to make it weep.

If you have an audio system that runs on electricity, you might want to consider investing a couple hours in totally disconnecting the wiring and re-connecting it while treating every single connection, from the 30-pin connector on your iPad to the speaker power terminals and wall plugs. 

You’ll love this contact enhancer if you care how music sounds and like big improvements in your music, across the board, cheaply and easily.  It only takes a little extra resistance in audio connections to degrade your music.  Contact enhancement works, yes it does, and it’s quite easy to do. Simply brush it on the contacts sparingly, then cycle the connector few times.  You’ll probably notice connectors plug in more easily, with lighter pressure.

The particular product I use is G Series Deoxit Gold from CAIG labs --  Which is not to say that other products don't work. This fluid  is the one that reviewed best among several choices during my web research before ordering. It appears to be "the kind."

I paid $32.95 plus shipping for a small bottle (7.4 ml) of 100% concentrate with a handy brush applicator cap.  At the end of my treatment of 5 audio components and two sets of speakers, I could barely see that any liquid had been taken from the bottle.  I may be able to pass this on to my heirs.

It only takes a little schmutz to make an analog or digital signal contact resistive and spoil your listening experience.  Fortunately, it only takes a little contact enhancer to clear that up for a long time.  What you get for the effort will most likely be far more than your cost and effort.

In case you're wondering, I don't sell this contact enhancer or have any connection with CAIG labs.  I'm just glad I found this great little problem-solver and want to pass on the good news.

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