Audioengine D3 -- the Dragon(fly) Slayer

Audioengine has reduced the price of their outstanding D3 Portable 24 Bit USB DAC to $149 as of today (July 1, 2014.)   The Audioengine D3 DAC with internal headphone amplifier is the lowest-cost way to make computer audio music sound fabulous.  The D3 drives headphones without an additional headphone amplifier.  If you want to use a head amp, it works with it.

When using your desktop computer or laptop at home, the D3 will drive your powered desktop speakers and sound like a DAC costing many times more.  

The D3 is the best way to discover just how good computer audio can sound.  If you have been listening to typical low-fi downloads through earbuds, break out of the rut with a D3 and a good pair of cans or powered speakers.  I predict you'll never want to go back.

Check out some positive review comments below --

"If you're looking for the easiest, cheapest way to make computer audio sound great through headphones, this is it."

Sound and Vision Top Pick

"Audioengine's mighty midget . . . the D3 is refined, dynamic, and highly transparent and bass prowess is impressive."


"Virtually the same size as the Audioquest Dragonfly, it's just as convenient, sounds better, and plays files up to 24/192."

San Francisco Classical Voice

Superior performance Guaranteed.

Audition an Audioengine D3 Portable 24 bit USB DAC today from iHi-Fi.  If you are not satisfied with your new D3, return it within 30 days (in new condition with the packaging) for a full refund of the purchase price.  

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