Common Audio Fallacies: Two Dozen to Avoid

Truth or fallacy?  Music for mobile devices is actually played on teeny little instruments so it fits.  <\8^)

Truth or fallacy?  Music for mobile devices is actually played on teeny little instruments so it fits.  <\8^)

High fidelity audio is another channel for group human error like any technically complex field.  We often accept unverified assumptions, assertions, statements, shared beliefs, wishful thinking, or fears.  It's a truism that error is part of the human condition.  Avoid accepting the following common fallacies if you want to achieve the best audio performance in return for your investment in an audio system.  

Here's a typical bunch of nonsense you may hear that might sound true --

1. Larger speakers are better.
2. Powered speakers are not "audiophile quality."
3. You should suspend your speakers on spikes.
4. Your speaker stands don’t affect the music.
5. Floor standing speakers sound better than bookshelf models.
6. You don’t really need a subwoofer.
7. Bluetooth is good technology for wireless speakers.
8. It’s smart to select speakers based on experts’ opinions.
9. More expensive components sound better.
10. Only vinyl records provide true audiophile grade listening.
11. Compressed music necessarily sounds bad.
12. Digital audio has less musical fidelity than analog.
13. A portable DAC will suffice for all your listening.
14. Tube audio components sound better than solid state.
15. Solid-state audio components sound better than tubes.
16. Interconnect wiring does not have to be anything special.
17. Stacking components is OK to save space.
18. Isolation feet on components are a waste.
19. Room conditioning isn’t needed except to solve specific problems.
20. A/V surround-sound audio is good for music listening.
21. Increase volume to overcome ambient noise.
22. Streaming music is not worthy of an audiophile’s attention.
23. Hang onto your old stereo gear as long as possible.
24. Audio system “tweaks” are worthless nonsense.

The cure for human error is accurate, factual understanding.  In the coming weeks, the iHi-Fi Blog will publish a series of posts offering factual realities to replace these false audio beliefs.  Stay in touch to get a perspective that helps you enjoy your audio hobby ever more as your knowledge expands and you gain more control of the audio performance you deserve.

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