Audioengine D2 Wireless DAC Price Drops

D2 24/96 Wireless DAC Sender.  D2 connects wirelessly up to 100 ft. with solid wireless performance.

D2 24/96 Wireless DAC Sender.  D2 connects wirelessly up to 100 ft. with solid wireless performance.

Big news about the D2 24/96 DAC -- Audioengine has reduced the retail price $100, from $499 to $399.  They also dropped the cost for the D2 Receiver Kit $75, from $325 to $275.  So if you've been waiting for the prices to come down on these items, that would be now.  This the time to get what you want because there will probably not be another price reduction coming on these items for some time.

Think of the possibilities.  

I work with a laptop on my lap, not at a desk.  So I use a D2 to send music wirelessly from a side table, across the room from my easy chair workstation, to a pair of Audioengine A5+ Powered Speakers and an S8 Powered Subwoofer.  The cost for this setup has dropped by $100, desk or no desk.

There are advanced applications where the D2 really shines -- AV setups and Whole House Music.  You can send and receive the same stereo program without loss of music quality to as many as three D2 receivers.  Each D2 is a Sender and Receiver Pair.  The D2 performs very well as the basis for whole house music with 3 audio zones or as the Front and Rear speakers in a multi-channel AV installation.  Even the S8 Subwoofer (with LFE) can be driven if you select at least one pair of A5+ Powered Speakers, which have an Output for a Sub.

The wireless channels are similar to Wi-Fi and rock solid reliable without dropouts or noise and a range of up 100 feet.  I've used my D2 to transmit music flawlessly through 3 steel-reinforced concrete walls.

You'll also save $75 each on any Add-on D2R Receiver Kits you need to complete your advanced setup.  So again, the time is now.  Shop iHi-Fi (an authorized Dealer) and receive the same factory warranty and money-back, 30 day audition period as from Audioengine.  I will personally provide setup support and suggestions on how to achieve the very best sound from your setups.

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