Newest iHi-Fi Audio Rack Images Released

The new cantilevered-shelf  IsoVybra Audio Rack makes your audio system look great and your music sound better.

The new cantilevered-shelf  IsoVybra Audio Rack makes your audio system look great and your music sound better.

It’s like getting sonograms of our second baby.  Today I received the first photo-realistic 3D CAD renderings of the new IsoVybra Max Audio Rack.  This is a critical milestone and a most exciting moment because everyone, from Customers, to Designers, iHi-Fi Associates, and the Media -- can see for the first time just what has been percolating back in engineering.  IsoVybra is another gorgeous Rack that helps your audio system look great and sound the very best it can.

A designer can’t fully appreciate what he’s creating until we can see it “as if in real life.”  Even though I’ve been visualizing this product for months, I’m astounded to actually see my brainchild in the flesh.  Or in the metal and wood, I should say.  The cantilevered shelf suspension achieves a rack that gives maximum visibility to all components.  With components displayed on open shelves, it shows off any audio system to best advantage.  The next renderings will include some component outlines.

Partial Features List: 

Lower Price Points -- with less in basic materials and manufacturing processes, we can make the structurally simpler IsoVybra product line available for lower cost than the high-end Masiv product line with a minimum of compromise.  

Variable Height -- The base model is nominally 48 inches tall.  It can be ordered shorter if you want fewer shelves and a lower profile.  Standard increments of 6 inches include 42, 36, and even 30 inches using the 40 mm profile shown.

Variable Shelves -- from one, to as many as you can fit in, up to a practical maximum of possibly six with really skinny components.  Shelf position is infinitely adjustable vertically on the column.  Several gorgeous and beautiful-sounding woods are optional.  The standard material is Bamboo Composite (like counter top.)  An Ebonized Ash is planned.

Anti-vibration -- Built-in anti-vibration damping at two levels greatly enhances all components’ audio performance.  The shelves are each suspended on molecular-engineered polymer discs that efficiently quash most structure-borne vibration between and among components and coming up from the floor.  The standard feet also contain another special-polymer disc to break the vibration path into the whole rack.

Optional Swivel Feet enable tilt-and-swivel fine screw adjustments to level the Rack perfectly and compensate for floor unevenness while also breaking the path of external structure born vibration.  Any of the feet offered eliminate any need for spikes with carpet or hard floors.

Cable Management -- a groove for cables is built into the front of the Column.  This is best dedicated for signal wiring running between components.  On the back of the column, several cable-tie mounts provide for neat routing of AC power cables.

Mechanical Grounding -- If heavier grounding is desired, weighty materials can be added inside the hollow Base Members.  This lowers the center of gravity and also provides grounding mass to further resist unwanted component movement.  The more still your components and their internal works remain, the more the natural musical qualities are preserved.

Other Options -- planned options include a weighted wood Sandbox that nestles into the Base.  That area could include a Base Shelf or wood Fascia or simply be dedicated to power distribution or conditioning gear and the external component power supplies that have become prevalent with smaller computer audio components.

Black Frame -- the extruded frame components may be ordered in black color rather than natural aluminum.

Kit or Assembled -- three levels of assembly are offered, from a completely dis-assembled kit for the very mechanically inclined, to a partially assembled form, to a near-fully assembled model.  Shelves are shipped separately and slid onto the Frame Column at the final destination.

This Max version of the cantilevered IsoVybra Rack is the largest standard model available.  It’s suitable for the largest and heaviest of legacy-style components.  The IsoVybra product line spans 6 distinct scales that descend through heights from 48 inches (nominal) down through 42, and 36 using the frame shown here.  With smaller frame profiles, heights run from 30 inches, to 24, and even 18 inches for a desktop model.  Development was started at the top.  The smaller models to follow are already in development and will become available in time.

We’ll be releasing initial audio rack production through iHi-Fi’s upcoming crowdfunding campaigns.  The first few of each Audio Rack Model will sell there.  They are instant collectors’ items, each branded with a reserved logo and special serial number series.  Watch for further developments here on the iHi-Fi Blog.

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