New IsoVybra Audio Rack Near Release

3D CAD image of new iHi-Fi IsoVybra Audio Rack.  Can you see the two levels of vibration damping suspension?

Break every path vibration can take to jiggle your gear and you’ll enjoy the best audio system enhancement you can add for small money.  When I put Herbie’s Audio Lab vibration dampers under my speakers, the result was like getting a whole new system that cost multiples of what I had invested.  Suddenly, there is this new audio-enhancing damping treatment I can't live without.

Literally everything we listen for in music quality jumps a few notches upward all at once -- soundstage expands, instruments focus, timbres become clearer and more complex, speed of attack and decay improve, and in sum, the illusion of reproducing the original performance becomes far more convincing.  Vibration damping can be obscenely quick, easy and cheap compared to other attempts to make your music sound better.  I’ll dedicate a post to damping soon.  But first . . .

What’s good for my ears is good for the world’s ears, so we suspend our rack shelves and speaker stands on vibration dampers that deliver fabulous performance.

At iHi-Fi, we’re proud to leak a second 48-inch, 5-shelf Audio Rack is imminent, with a whole different, forward look.  Like the recent Masiv Audio Rack design (our first, with vibration damping,) it’s built from industrial framing system components and premium hardwood.  This new IsoVybra type also benefits from 30+ years of design experience.  It includes acoustic enhancement through vibration control at two levels.  We believe any audio system will instantly sound better on this Rack.  Anti-vibration suspension is maintained at two levels, at the floor and for each shelf.  You can also easily add a third level at your components if you want the ultimate in acoustic isolation for your whole system.  

The new IsoVybra product line’s concept uses a cantilevered shelf suspension.  The basic approach is scalable in 6 inch increments -- from 48 inches, to 42, 36, 30, 24, and 18 -- from a large floor-standing model that houses any big system down to a desktop version for teeny computer audio components.  The 80/20 Inc., structural backbone works from top to bottom across all scales as it proves aluminum extrusion can be a gorgeous companion to premium hardwood and engineered wood composites.

In addition, the six scales of IsoVybra all have matching speaker stands for monitors if you run them.  We’re doing an adjustable height stand at the end for desktops.  Like our Racks, our Stands make it simple, easy, and visually attractive to include vibration damping.   Unless someone tells you where it is, you’ll never notice anything is there until the music plays.

The motive for a new design is even greater simplicity, scalability, and lower cost across both lines.  The original 48-inch Masiv Rack line is retained for the high end and 42, 36, and 30-inch versions will be offered for larger legacy systems and a traditional look.  The new IsoVybra line fits all systems from big legacy setups through the most compact new digital audio gear such as iFi.  The look is modern and high tech.

The original iHi-Fi Masiv Audi Rack is semi-custom, offering a host of user definable features.  Speaker stands can be fitted to any monitor to create this custom look.

The original iHi-Fi Masiv Audi Rack is semi-custom, offering a host of user definable features.  Speaker stands can be fitted to any monitor to create this custom look.

In the end, iHi-Fi has a rack and matching speaker stands for everyone, covering all price tiers and tastes from traditional fine furniture to forward, modern decor.  All are built with fit, finish, and quality that will make any audio lover proud to display a system on an iHi-Fi Rack and matching Speaker Stands.  Please forgive the somewhat rough, low res 3D CAD view in this post.  We are working up the photorealistic renderings right now but I just could not wait to put out some news. 

More Soon.

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