When to Consider Acoustic Room Treatment

Gold Alloy Acoustic System Resonator

Gold Alloy Acoustic System Resonator

A few months ago, I was enjoying my audio system tremendously but experiencing too much listening fatigue. I had assembled a home audio system with astounding performance for the cost but the music still sounded too "digital."  Rather grainy and etched, and too cold for my tastes after years of high end tube systems.  I wondered how to make it smoother, sweeter, and warmer.  

 I considered the best ways to improve the sound, as so many music lovers do when they are ready to rise above their latest plateau.  As usual, I assumed better sound would mean a better stereo component.  My experience with tubes led me to try adding a tube buffer into the acoustic signal path.  A high-quality headphone amplifier with an excellent tube choice warmed and sweetened the sound considerably but something even more interesting and unexpected happened.  

I found a set of reviews online that introduced me to Acoustic System International (ASI) and Franck Tchang, the company's resident genius.   ASI is home to some stratospheric high end gear including exotic tower speakers and amplification that makes a serious statement.  However, what most captured my attention and curiosity was the mysterious and puzzling acoustic room conditioning approach Mr. Tchang invented over 10 years ago.  He originated an entirely new and fresh approach to acoustic conditioning called simply Acoustic System (TM.)

Acoustic System Resonator Front View -- note the tripod

His system develops resonance from playback to tune the sound in a room in "real time" while music plays.  A set of tiny resonators (noble metal bowls placed on wood stands with silver tripods) promised to provide my remedy so I suspended disbelief and contacted ASI.  As I requested, Mr. Tchang sent me a configuration to quell the one-second dry echo in my overly-hard listening space and smooth the digital sound.  After a one-hour installation a great improvement was immediately obvious.  

After a week of analytic listening I was astounded and delighted.  The jaw-dropping improvement made me a true believer based on results obtained.  I had found another digital audio item to add to iHi-Fi's growing product lines.  Neither component nor accessory, this indispensable System becomes part of your listening environment.

I set up iHi-Fi.com because I want to share my sense of wonder and awe with music playback that can be achieved with digital sources at low cost.  Now you, too, can make your computer music sound more even wonderful with complete custom acoustic room treatments for your listening space from iHi-Fi.com.  The iHi-Fi / Acoustic System International catalog and price list are ready for you to review.

I added a button to the navigation system on the left sidebar for Acoustic System products.   Click that to enter the new catalog area.  Read about what room treatment can do for you and why you seriously need one if you're a true music lover.  When you're ready to audition, a price list will be emailed to you.  Simply submit the form on the Ordering Acoustic System page.  When you've made your selection, purchase by filling out the other quick and easy Order Form on that same page.  Buy with confidence knowing iHi-Fi extends a 30 day, money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Acoustic System Room Phase Corrector Set

With your own Acoustic System installation, you'll gain new expertise in musical enjoyment that you can use forever -- it will never go out of style or become obsolete. It's not just needed, it's a prerequisite to maximum musical performance in any room with any playback system.  Even better, it will help you understand just how much difference the room makes and how to use acoustic tools to great advantage in all music playback and to eliminate digital-sounding qualities in your computer-based or digitally-sourced music.  

The time to consider room conditioning is when you are ready to learn how much difference your room makes and take a giant step in musical fidelity that costs no more than a good component.   When you take this step to become a more expert music lover, I predict you will enjoy all your music even more.