Plans and Projects

Music Can Be Another Paradise

Music Is Not Noise -- A Rough Guide to Music Appreciation

It turns out music is like wine or food.  The more you know about how to enjoy it, the more enjoyment you derive.  A listening method I learned many years ago was the beginning of my hi-fi hobby.  It has never let me down.  It assures you hear and perceive all aspects of your music and each component to contributes to your musical listening pleasure.  Don't just know if you like it or hate it.  Know why and how to explain your response.

Does Musical Enjoyment Mean Spending More?  

Why let some egomaniac techie tell you what's good (or not) in a component or system?  Do you have a known method for discovering if you should spend the cash to acquire gear some guru loves?  Now you can learn all about how to evaluate stereo gear for yourself with confidence.  Find out how to separate the truth from the bull and get more value from your hardware spend.

Glossary of Computer Music

Newbies would get a leg up if they could get some clear definition of some of our necessary-evil specialized geek-speak about what we're doing.  This will be a longer term project where I collect concepts and define them carefully so even us insiders will finally know what we're talking about.

Hardware Project: Perfecting the Digital Music Server

Surprise, iPad is a good choice.  Didn't know iPad could serve digital files?  Neither did I until just recently.  It's the bomb.  Great apps from digital source sites.  Streams HD audio to the highest resolutions available online.  Streams from your hard drive or network attached storage.  All seamlessly and gracefully.  Goodbye Transporter.  Hello iPad.  Goodbye NAS Drive, hello Cloud.  More soon on the iHi-Fi Blog.