Audioengine A2+: The Ultimate Computer Speaker

Speakers Shown on DS1 Desktop Stands.

The A2 Powered Speakers from Audioengine astounded seasoned audio reviewers and left them in a state of shock and awe.  Now the A2s have become even better, reborn as the A2+ with an outstanding internal DAC (digital-to-analog converter.)  Connect a pair of these new version speakers to any computer with USB 2.0 and you get an instant audiophile quality listening device, plug 'n' play.  Feed these babies some high resolution files from disk, network, or the web and you'll hear the original performance accurately.  

Like its predecessor, A2+ delivers surprising power and a wonderful, clear, neutral voice with substantial bass in a speaker that sits in the palm of your hand.  They are designed by expert studio monitor engineers.  Even so, it's still surprising how much they sound like mini studio monitors.  They are simply best "computer speakers" ever made and the perfect intro true hi-fi system.

Audioengine says -- "The new Audioengine A2+ Powered Speakers set a whole new standard for high-end computer speakers. The A2+ maintains the same basic design as the beloved A2.  We added new features to improve performance, including a built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter.)  This optional high performance DAC allows you to connect directly to your computer’s USB port, instead of the 1/8” headphone output.  This external DAC connection bypasses your  computer’s lower quality DAC to enable much better sound."

You can still connect these speakers using any other external DAC like these excellent choices from Audioengine.  The New A2+ Speakers and all of these DACs are available from --

  • The new D3 Portable DAC
  • W3 16-bit Wireless Portable Audio Adapter (DAC)
  • D1 24-bit Desktop DAC (wired connection)
  • D2 24-bit Wireless Desktop DAC

Available in Satin Black and Gloss White

Differences between the original A2 and new A2+ 

Optional USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter) is built in.  Or use a DAC of your choice.
Variable RCA output (to connect a subwoofer or wirelessly send audio to other speakers using the W3 wireless adapter.)
Wall mount the speakers using standard 1/4" threaded inserts.
Upgraded binding posts.
Upgraded power connection and power supply.
Upgraded accessory cables.
Color options -- satin black or gloss white.
Since the A2+ speakers are a near-complete compact music system all by themselves, you can just add any music sources and play music.  Connect a turntable and/or a CD player and spin vinyl or CDs.  With 2 active inputs, you can leave your computer connected to the USB port and connect another component to the analog input.  Whatever you play will be heard.  

The A2+ is the perfect crossover system and Computer Audio starting point for Vinyl Lovers or CD Collectors or Earbud Listeners who want to check out what all the Computer Audio hubbub is about.  Experience digital audio and you'll still be able to play your analog source devices.

The A2+ also qualifies for special system pricing when purchased as a system component including Acoustic System items.  You can also check out the low cost but high performing headphone amp / tube buffer offered with special pricing.  Add the Bravo Audio Ocean offered here at iHi-Fi to serve as your desktop headphone amp.

A2+ started shipping to dealers at the end of October.  They are available from iHi-Fi now. 

Download the A2+ Specifications HERE.

The price is only $249 per pair.  

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The original A2 Powered Speakers will no longer be available after November 1st.

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