iHi-Fi is an Audioengine Authorized Dealer

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HD6 Powered speakers w/ bluetooth & 24-bit dac

A5+N & D1 DAC / Headphone Amp

A2+ Powered Speakers w/ internal USB DAC

B2 Powered Speakers w/ aptx bluetooth, 24-bit dac

P4Ns on DS2 Stands & N22 Amplifier

S8 Subwoofer & A5+Bs

N22 Amplifier, P4's & Headphones

W3 Pair Connects to A5+Ns

B1 Bluetooth 24 bit dac / receiver

D2 DLNA 24-bit DAC sender &  receiver

D1 USB 24-bit dac /  headphone amp

D3 24-bit usb dac / headphone amp

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Audioengine has brought out great sounding audio gear that works with digital devices or analog audio sources flawlessly and excels in a personal, one-room, or whole-house Hi-Fi system.  You don't have to call yourself an audiophile.  Anyone with two ears and a love for music can hear and appreciate  the open, detailed, and articulate music, superb bass and treble extension, and broad, deep soundstage of Audioengine systems.

You won't go wrong with Audioengine components because they enjoy so many positive reviews. iHi-Fi confidently offers everything Audioengine makes, at value pricing, with no sales tax, a 30 day money-back audition period, and a 3-year warranty.

Those Audioengine Guys have done their homework and paid their dues in studio monitor speaker and wireless design.  Their 10 years of experience and keen design judgment show up as stellar sonic performance, useful features, and clean, handsome aesthetics.  These components simply sound like they should cost a whole lot more and they look it, too.  But, incredibly, they are all best buys based and solid designs that, as a product engineer, I admire.

Why play your music through a commodity sound card inside an electrically noisy computer?   Audioengine's premium 24-bit DACs convert your digital device's bitstream into HD audio playback that's hard to distinguish from live music.  You can up-sample Spotify or TIDAL streaming music to become virtually indistinguishable from native 24-bit source files.  


Try any of these products for 30 days and if you don't agree, iHi-Fi will happily refund your purchase price if you send back the items in re-sellable condition, per the product listing.  In over two years of dealership I have never had an Audioengine product returned by a dissatisfied customer.

The recent Bluetooth products from Audioengine are receiving consistent raves from reviewers. I've been quite skeptical about Bluetooth in general but The Guys are converting me into a believer, at least in their versions. They took great care to engineer products for extended range (100 ft.) and to up-sample to 16-bit CD quality or 24-bit HD levels of music resolution.  

Select a countertop all-in-one Bluetooth speaker (B2,) receive Bluetooth music into the new flagship HD6 Speakers, or use the B1 Receiver to play Bluetooth music from your computer, smartphone or tablet to any speakers you want.  I'm sure the performance will meet or exceed any Bluetooth product around. It puzzles the experts that they are achieving such quality but trained ears don't lie.

Beyond Bluetooth, why not expand your musical reach to up to six zones within 100 ft. over Wi-Fi-like DLNA?  When your audio system can include your whole house or business, you don't have to settle for superb audio playback only in the same room where the source device is located.   Enjoy Wireless that Really Works, without dropouts or noise, and without slowing down your home or business Wi-Fi network.


The D2s or W3s run on a private wireless network all their own. Feel the vibe on your desktop, across the room, or in other parts of your house or business. Up to two D2 Senders on a USB bus paired with up to three D2 Receivers each will transport audio to as many as six playback zones within 100 ft. of the Senders.

The W3 is yet another stellar achievement with universal compatibility, working with any source and any playback device.  Each versatile W3 Sender will transport either digital or analog audio  from any source to up to 3 playback zones around your house or business.  And again, as with the D2, you can put one or two W3 senders on a USB bus with up to three W3 Receivers each and hear flawless performance through walls and floors.    

 It's the extra touches that make all the difference when you put a Hi-Fi system together.  The Audioengine Guys know this. iHi-Fi carries their gear because value is so important.  Go with these products and you'll see for yourself.iHi-Fi