Acoustic System Room Treatment

Acoustic System (TM) enhances the listening music lovers are driven to experience.


Music is not born to be squandered in sonically overloaded rectangular rooms designed for habitation.  Most spaces where listeners play music suffer from undiscovered acoustical faults.  Everything in a room participates in playback.  Until you install effective acoustic room conditioning, you are not really hearing your sound system at it's very best.   What you are hearing is music distorted by interactions with your room and its contents.  Any echoes, stray resonances, chaotic turbulence, excess pressure, standing waves and vibration in the room are rolled into the sound and alter it significantly.   By making a comparatively minor additional investment in a good acoustic treatment for your listening space, you can actually achieve what you attempt when you invest in audio gear.

Why be like Plato's chained men in caves with regard to the music you love when you can audition effective room treatment from iHi-Fi?  Unveil the best performance your audio system can deliver -- install Acoustic System in your listening room.  Distorted music is like shadows cast by a fire.  Emerge from the shadows without risk under iHi-Fi's 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Acoustic System makes it fast, affordable, and easy to take an initial giant step in musical fidelity and playback quality.  Then if you want to continue optimizing to the very limit of your hearing, you can tune your room to acoustical perfection.  The System rewards all the attention to detail you invest.

 What is Acoustic System?

Acoustic System (The System) makes all your music sound better by improving acoustics in your listening space. Audio professionals and enthusiasts use The System to create gains in fidelity and music quality, block out ambient noise, and tailor a room's sound to their preferences.The System harmonically responds to physical sound energy.  It interacts with the sound to cancel acoustic faults and enhance musicality.  Strategic placements of small, patented objects made of wood and noble metal alloys unveil the very best sound your music sources can produce in your listening space.  Much can be accomplished at moderate cost, and yes, The System also offers exotic, more costly measures for those who must have them.

Acoustics being a complex science, it may not be obvious to uninitiated listeners exactly how all the enhancement happens. However, adopters continually report Acoustic System’s apparent “magic” makes music sound far better -- including both acoustically troubled areas and rooms that seemed to sound good enough before conditioning.  However, The System is not an occult force.  It works through the physics of sound -- resonance, harmonics, and interactions.

Since inception over 12 years ago, more than 20,000 patented Acoustic System units have been delivered to happy listeners.  Despite criticisms from trolls in audio forums asserting that “it can’t possibly work” without trying it, the System has earned a faithful following through its performance.  The System also receives positive, objective, expert reviews in respected audio literature. The real winners are listeners who are open-minded enough to audition The System.  They are predictably astounded by the effects.  Some revealing review links are provided below.

In the stratospheric high-end audio business, things don’t have to be fully explained to be accepted -- they just have to work as claimed.  Conditions are difficult and the pressure is on at all the major international audio expos.  When display systems simply must sound their very best, it’s common to observe Acoustic System objects doing their magic in many booths and rooms.  Acoustic System just works.

Now iHi-Fi invites you to hear how Acoustic System improves music for the pros with your own ears, in your own listening room, with your familiar music and existing stereo system, without risk.

Please note: Acoustic System is designed to enhance sound as it propagates in spaces. It is not intended to work with earphones.

What Listeners Hear

Listeners describe re-discovering familiar music anew, in terms like the following summary of spontaneous feedback routinely heard by Acoustic System Dealers --

  • “With ASI room correction, midrange and highs are more clear and pure.  Bass is faster and tighter.  Highs sparkle and extend farther.  The soundstage is huge – wider, deeper, and more three-dimensional.  Instruments are more separated.  Sounds now actually appear outside the space between the speakers. The soundstage is full width across the front wall.”
  • “I’ve spent many hours listening critically to familiar music in several genres, played on my unchanged audio system, all in the same listening room. Comparing the untreated room to having Acoustic System installed -- my music simply sounds far richer and more authentic.” 
  • “With the Acoustic System in place, I can hardly tell I’m not at a live performance except the audience noise is missing.  Ambient sounds like fret fingering are readily audible.”
  • “The sonic signatures of instruments and voices are far more accurate and recognizable.  It sounds as if I replaced my audio system with a more expensive one playing higher resolution files.”
  • “Now I’m hearing what the composers actually created and the musicians really played instead of some version degraded by a random listening space.”
  • “The gold in gifted voices is audible with the Acoustic System.  It reveals all the subtle qualities that make each singer unique.  My favorite female jazz vocalists sound like they are in the room.  On good recordings, you can hear them breathe, hear mouth parts move, clothing swish, and fingers snap.”
  • "Acoustic System facelifts and heals digital music, removing the usual faults so it sounds as good as purely analog playback.  Digital music becomes smoother, warmer, and less fatiguing."

Resonators Vary Metallurgically for Different Sound Qualities. 

What The System Does

To reveal the best audio performance any music source can achieve in a given space, Acoustic System:

  • Starts small and affordable. As you learn to apply The System, your room treatment installation can grow through a set of structured steps to match your sonic ambitions and budget.
  • Imparts new life and heightened realism to music playback without changing anything in your audio system.
  • Enhances all attributes of your music -- imaging, soundstage, clarity, articulation, attack/decay, speed, bass and treble extension, tonalities, and timbres -- by interacting physically with music as it plays.
  • Advances the musicality audiophiles chase after and removes digital-sounding faults.  
  • Sets your room’s phase to agree with your specific speakers or other sound sources.
  • Minimizes room artifacts -- echoes, stray vibration, and rogue resonance that degrade musical listening.  Reduces sonic turbulence and excess pressure, which purifies music.
  • Enables you to tailor the sound of your space to your preferences.  The System's Sugar Cubes filter out ambient noise and act like a multi-band graphic equalizer, enabling you to adjust sound levels in selected frequency bands. 
  • Makes your space itself sound better, not just your audio system.  Improves any sound in a treated space, even musical instruments, voice, speech and conversation.
  • Tones down environmental noise that interferes with your sonic intentions.

Notable Considerations

You don’t have to own a high-cost audiophile system to obtain very worthwhile gains in your music.  Even with a modest stereo you will benefit because Acoustic System room conditioning works with any stereo or source of sound except earphones.  In fact, a modest system has even more to gain. 

Special expertise is not required.  The only skills you need to enjoy The System is attentive and analytic music listening and ability to follow clear, simple directions.

A cost-effective Acoustic System installation need not be expensive.  A large portion of benefits will be realized for less than the cost of a decent stereo component.  Even just the first two or three stages (of the recommended eight-stage Resonator progression) will make your music sound far better.  

Approach room treatment incrementally and each Step you take brings more improvements.

Tested Configurations

The following modest, value-priced audio system has been under test  iHi-Fi with Acoustic System room conditioning.  It cost under $1500 brand new (not including the servers.)  It sounds like a system costing $10,000 or more when streaming 320 Kbps CBR Mp3 files in the conditioned room.  Of course, true CD quality and above sounds even more fabulous (native 16/44.1 FLAC files and up to native 24/192 AIFFs.)


iPad 3 Server + Teac DS-H01 Dock / 24 bit DAC (Burr-Brown PCM 1796)

MacBook Pro Server + Audioengine D2 Wireless 24 Bit DAC (Burr-Brown PCM 1792A)

MacBook Pro Server + Audioengine W3 Wireless 16 Bit DAC (Cirrus CS4344)

MacBook Pro Server + AudioQuest Dragonfly 24 bit DAC (ESS Sabre)

     Tube Buffer

Bravo Audio Ocean Tube Headphone Amp (JJ ECC802S + MOSFETS)

     Powered Speakers

Audioengine -- A2B Powered Speakers and S8 Powered Subwoofer

Audioengine -- A5+N (Bamboo) Powered Speakers and S8 Powered Subwoofer

All interconnects, power supplies, and power cords are box stock ordinary.

     Acoustic System Configuration

Basic Resonator Set -- Two Resonators on front wall (Alloys -- Basic and Silver) 

Phase Corrector Set -- 4 Phase Correctors on floor, positioned as prescribed

     Room Characteristic

Untreated room characteristic is very hard with a one-second dry echo from hand clap.   Masonry walls, ceramic tile floor, and pine wood ceiling, 15 ft. X 18 ft, sloped ceiling, 7 ft. to 9 ft peak to 7 ft.


All the usual benefits of ASI room treatment were realized.  Music became, warmer, smoother, and richer, more airy and detailed.  The tonality became more natural and realistic.  The digital sound was healed and a fatiguing aspect was removed.  Soundstage opened up across the front wall and deepened.  Instruments separated and assumed more specific positions.  Bass tightened up and got faster and treble now sparkles more.   The echo has completely disappeared.  The music became unveiled and lifelike.

      Test Music

An eclectic mix that imparts a well rounded impression of audio system performance and room acoustics.  Genres include Classical, Operatic Voice, Stage Musicals, Jazz, Solo Percussion, Rock and Pop, World Music, and electronic genres like Ambient, Trip Hop, New Age, and more.

Why iHi-Fi Adopted Acoustic System

Please keep in mind I'm a thoroughly trained and experienced Design Engineer and Industrial Designer with a successful career and healthy professional skepticism.  I’m “from Missouri” when it comes to product claims.  I have to be shown to believe and I respect that trait in customers.

The reviews below introduced me to Franck Tchang and Acoustic System International.  The reported performance prompted me to test it. These articles so aroused my curiosity that I contacted Mr. Tchang.  Our conversations about my music and listening space led me to acquire a Basic Set of Resonators and a Phase Corrector Set.  The musical improvements were not subtle.  They blew me away. The System assists everything audio enthusiasts try to achieve.  The rest is history.  Now I can’t imagine indulging in listening without Acoustic System installed for a more wonderful experience.

Based on my proofs, I added the Acoustic System line to the iHi-Fi catalog because it fits perfectly with iHi-Fi’s high-value orientation.  I’m eager to share this revolutionary invention to help customers squeeze the greatest musical reward from every dollar of audio budget.

iHi-Fi is the only exclusively online US dealer, and the only dealer offering a 30 day in-home audition with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Reviews of Acoustic System


“Acoustic System Resonators”

By Marja and Henk


“Acoustic System International: Running Interference on a New Room”

By Frederic Beaudot


"Acoustic System International: Sugar Cube Noise Filters"

By Marja and Henk


Hearing Is Believing

iHi-Fi's 30-day audition enables you to set up the System in your listening room.  Play around with adjusting it.  Hear what happens with your familiar music in your space.  Then after you become accustomed to The System, remove it completely.  Then listen again.  Your moment of truth will prove Acoustic System’s worth is far beyond the cost.   

iHi-Fi has your back to assure your success with experience, advice, and documentation.  When you are ready to audition, please contact iHi-Fi to place your initial order without risk.

Please Note: iHi-Fi sells in the United States only. 

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