Acoustic System Details

The mode of action is purely physics -- acoustics rather than electronics. The System works with, and is powered by, sound energy in a room, not by electronic signals passing through your audio system.  There are no electronic components so it’s not limited by circuit or software designs and it has no electrical power cost.  Acoustic System needs no periodic updates so it is completely future-proof.  It’s removable, portable, and adjustable so it can be repurposed and adapted to any space where music happens or where you wish to deal with acoustic faults or enhance sound quality.

Basic Resonator Set: Basic and Silver Alloys

Basic Resonator Set: Basic and Silver Alloys

The System does not soak up sound like traditional passive room treatment approaches.  It does not alter electrical signals in an audio system based on algorithms like active approaches.  Within a given room, it re-purposes unwanted sonic artifacts that occur, squelching their energy or converting it into audible enhancements.  With Acoustic System a new category of acoustic conditioning was born -- the interactive approach.

No big sound-deadening towers or traps are involved.  The System has a low visual profile compared to the often massive objects of previous passive acoustic treatment approaches.  It does not overwhelm or alter your room’s décor.  Instead of making your home look like a recording studio, it blends in and nearly disappears in your living spaces.  

System Components

Acoustic System’s components are small, unobtrusive, and easy to place, adjust, and move.  They sit on the floor or attach to walls or objects with Bostik Blu Tack re-usable adhesive, which makes the System totally mobile.  Blu Tack is completely removable and does not harm surfaces.

All you need to complete installation is included with every item, including instructions.

The Resonators resemble miniature Tibetan singing bowls.  Each one has four triangular wings.  Their harmonic responses to music reduce unwanted echoes, control stray resonances, and help timbres to bloom.  These resonators sit on silver tripods, which mount on wood instruments about 2 inches square and a half-inch thick.  These attach to walls with Blu Tack in specific locations.  

The Basic Resonator Set contains a pair of resonators, one Basic and another optionally Silver, Gold, or Platinum. These improve timbres, kill echoes, control bass speed and treble extension, open up soundstage, reduce turbulence and pressure and improve articulation.

Phase Corrector Set, Rear and Front

The Phase Corrector Set is a set of four small wooden instruments that shift timing of sound waves in the room to agree with music coming out of your audio system's speakers.  These Instruments (about 2 inches square and a half-inch thick) are all installed directly on the floor in 4 positions.  Correcting the phase helps bass and treble extension and bass speed, improves clarity, and reduces turbulence and pressure in the room.  Again, all you need is included.

The Sugar Cubes are a set of 17 small rosewood cubes that have a hole drilled through in one axis and two holes drilled through in another axis.  A diffuser is also included.  They are attached with Blu Tack in a grid array on the wall behind the sound source.  They act like a sensitive multi-band graphic equalizer, enabling you to adjust the volumes of different sound frequency bands.  Sugar Cube arrays can also reduce ambient noise or quiet troublesome areas in odd-shaped rooms.  They can be used to simply block unwanted ambient noise in a space.

System Installation

The Resonators are designed to be installed in a progression of specific Installation Steps, illustrated below.  Begin with a Basic Resonator Set and Phase Corrector Set.  These will create a giant step forward in music quality and set the stage for the other Steps.  When you learn what these components do for music in your space, you will probably want more enhancement.  

Expanding The System

Installing a Basic Resonator Set and Phase Corrector Set completes the first two Installation Steps.

Then add more Resonators in order, using the various noble metals in prescribed positions, per the Step Diagrams below.  Refer to them for more information about what each Step contributes to your music. 

Listen to familiar music and learn about your installation at every Step, evaluating results with each change. 

Continue onward, adding Resonators step by step, until all the enhancement you want is implemented.   

Installing  Sugar Cubes  could be a logical next step at any point

Noble Alloy Acoustic Properties

You have options to affect your room's tonality in different ways by selecting different noble alloys when you expand your Resonator Installation.  Select Resonators by sound qualities to create a soundscape that pleases you. Possible alloy choices are given in the diagrams below for each position.  

Noble Alloy Sound Properties

Basic (Silver/Copper)  -- Dry timbre

Silver -- Light, open, airy effect

Gold (yellow gold) --  Warm, powerful, darker tones

Gold Special (red gold) -- Lots of power, bright timbre 

Platinum -- Holographic

Install the Phase Corrector Set Per This Diagram

Phase Corrector Installation

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Resonator Installation Step Diagrams -- Install in the Order Shown

Basic Installation Step 1 of 2

To begin, complete  this and the next step and add the Phase Corrector Set.

One Resonator

Alloy -- Silver, Gold, Gold Special, or Platinum

30 to 60 cm above tweeter midline

Centerline on front wall or on any furniture in that position

Sets the baseline for all the good effects of The System

Resonator Step 1

Basic Installation Step 2 of 2

To begin, complete this and the previous step and add a Phase Corrector Set.

One Resonator

Alloy -- no choice, Basiconly

15 cm maximum from floor

Centerline on front wall

Sets the baseline of all the good effects of The System

Resonator Step 2

Installation Step 3

One Resonator

Alloy -- Silver, Gold, Gold Special, or Platinum

15 cm maximum from ceiling

On centerline, front wall

Controls room high frequency response. 



Resonator Step 3

Installation Step 4

2 Resonators, left and right

Alloy -- Silver or Gold Special

Slightly lower than Step 3

5 cm maximum from ceiling

On side walls, butt against front wall

Opens up the corners

Resonator Step 4

Installation Step 5

2 Resonators, left and right

Alloy -- Silver or Gold Special

Slightly higher than Step 2

5 cm maximum from floor

On side walls, butt against front wall

Controls room corners low frequency response



Resonator Step 5

Installation Step 6

2 Resonators, left and right

Alloy  -- Gold or Platinum

As high as possible on side walls

Align within 100 cm to front or 50 cm behind "sweet spot" center

Cancels side wall reflections and reduces low frequency resonance

Resonator Step 6

Resonator Step 7

Installation Step 7

1 Resonator

Alloy -- Silver, Gold Special or Platinum

15 cm maximum from ceiling

Centerline on rear wall

Contributes more depth to all the good effects of The System

Installation Step 8

2 Resonators, left and right

Alloy -- Silver or Gold Special

As high as possible on side walls, butt against rear wall

Very useful for small rooms with big speakers


Resonator Step 8

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