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Hi, I'm Joseph.  Computer Audio is my passion.

Please enjoy this journal and leave us some thoughts about computer audio. 


Bio for Joseph Riden

Joseph Riden enjoys a longstanding interest in high fidelity music.  He brings a mix of skills from both technical and creative backgrounds.  He’s well positioned to write about music enjoyment and systems and share useful insights.  Gathering music sources, systems, and listening spaces, he brings the parts together to create an outstanding music listening experience – producing a “sound track for real life.” 

At University, Joseph earned degrees in Humanities (English) and Social Sciences (Psychology.)  Yet he followed a career path in mechanical engineering and industrial design.  He became a diverse designer who writes well and understands people. 

His earlier designs spanned supercomputer mainframes, industrial servers, shipboard Navy electronics, and turbo-machinery. He became a recognized expert in Computer Aided Design and spoke at national design conferences.  In the latter half of his career, he served as a design team leader and engineering manager.  He left corporate life to start an engineering consultancy that produced contract designs including an architectural building system, a food vending system, and biomedical devices including a pathogen detector.

A drive to align motives behind Design with its process and goals prompted him to start and run a marketing agency.  From that experience, he produced his first book, a practical how-to on Internet marketing.  “The next book,” he says, “is about Audio.”

Joseph’s other hobby is ocean fishing.  A well-qualified private yacht captain, he amassed several thousand hours at sea, fishing the waters off Southern California and the Baja.  He owned and operated two classic wooden trawlers and lived on the second one for five years in Southern California and Puget Sound.

An early adopter of internet technology, Joseph has authored several blogs to support business ventures, written for national magazines, led creative web design teams, produced winning branding treatments, and pleased clients by helping them market their businesses.  Joseph’s life has always been about doing one exciting thing while waiting to do another.  He has integrated and enjoyed several high fidelity systems along the way and collected recordings across several genres on various media.

As a continual music listener, gadgeteer, and tinkerer, Joseph is always integrating new and better systems.  He reads widely about Hi-Fi to stay current.  “I’m excited” he says, “that Audio has passed the tipping point from older analog to newer digital technologies, driving up music quality and enjoyment while propelling true high fidelity beyond a mere niche interest into the mainstream.

Joseph’s avocation is converging with his professional experience these days.  He’s developing a web presence dedicated to digital HiFi where he’ll offer related products – www.iHi-Fi.com.